Home remedies for UTI – Cleanse your body

Natural antibiotics for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) have become a well-known topic in these modern times. Want to know why? There is a valid reason for this. Many individuals who endure UTI are exhausted of investing cash on costly antibiotic medicine that does not provide enough benefits and even provoke side effects. An upsetting statistic […]

Garlic – The Natural Antibiotic Hidden in your Kitchen

Garlic has many antibiotic properties

Did you know that garlic is considered one of the oldest types of natural antibiotics use in mankind history? Historical documents display treatments using this herb five thousand years ago. Conventional Chinese medicine has been utilizing the attributes of this herbal remedy for over three thousand years. Around 1858, Doctor Pasteur recognized the anti-bacterial characteristics […]

Natural antibiotics for sinus infection can heal your nose pain

Neti pot is a great alternative for sinus infection

Are you looking for natural antibiotics for sinus infection? Do you feel unhappy with the nose swelling? If you formerly or presently have sinus infection, you understand how undesirable this condition is. Regardless of the personal situation, this is an annoyance to anyone struggling with it. In case you are feeling frustrated by the irritation […]

Colloidal silver: Discover the all-terrain natural antibiotic

colloidal silver can be easily obtained in liquid form

Do you know why colloidal silver is considered one of the most versatile natural antibiotics available today? Many years back, it was a common practice to put a silver coin in a glass of milk, because people realized that this made it last longer. In modern times, this element is utilized primarily in its colloidal […]

Natural antibiotics for strep throat can kill the bacteria

hot herbal drinks are the best natural remedies for strep throat

Individuals struggling from strep throat are usually shocked when they find out that natural antibiotics for strep throat are an efficient choice to treat the infection. Usually, we are trained to think that conventional antibiotics are the only way to deal with this type of problems. Common Natural Antibiotics for Strep Throat Echinacea This healing […]

Propolis – Understand the Power of the Bees

Propolis is made by the bees to clean their hive

Propolis is a natural antibiotic created by bees. You heard correctly, one of the most beneficial organic remedies is made by these insects. Probably, the most important feature of this healing alternative is the protection it gives against harmful bacteria. What is Propolis? Did you know that certain types of flowers possess natural anti-viral and […]

Natural antibiotics for tooth infection – Stop the pain naturally

You can stop the pain with natural antibiotics for tooth infection

A toothache due to an infection is one of the worst experiences a person may endure. Happily, you can find natural antibiotics for tooth infection which will aid you decrease the pain. Generally, toothache is associated with a tooth cavity which reached the tooth nerve or when a person has a fractured tooth. Some other […]