Colloidal silver: Discover the all-terrain natural antibiotic

Do you know why colloidal silver is considered one of the most versatile natural antibiotics available today? Many years back, it was a common practice to put a silver coin in a glass of milk, because people realized that this made it last longer.

In modern times, this element is utilized primarily in its colloidal condition; in easy terms, this natural remedy is made by suspending silver particles in water. The quantities required to generate colloidal silver are quite small. The tiny dimensions of the particles make it an efficient remedy since it can reach the bacteria inside your body.

Colloidal silver can only be made through an electrolytic process which transports the particles to the water. These particles stay in suspension due to the small electric charge of every particle. Because they are extremely little, it may permeate and journey throughout the entire body easier.

What can Colloidal Silver do for my Health?

The usefulness of colloidal silver against viruses, fungi and germs continues to be demonstrated in lab researches. In alternative medicine, it is commonly used as a natural antibiotic. The tiny particles suspended in the water are able to destroy microorganisms which tend to be more resistant to artificial antibiotics. Colloidal silver, unlike traditional antibiotics, do not eliminate the intestinal tract bacteria (beneficial microorganisms). This natural remedy can cure diseases caused by fungi like yeast infection.

colloidal silver can be easily obtained in liquid form

A great aspect about this remedy is that it will affect only harmful cells. In other words, any cell that is not protected by a membrane wall will be killed, including germs along with other microorganisms like viruses. Since mammalian cells possess a different covering within their cells, this element does not have any impact on them. In simple words, it has no toxicity for people and it is excreted from the body mainly through the urine. The best of all is its safeness, since it is eliminated through the urine after it kills the germs.

It is also known that colloidal silver not just eliminates germs, fungus and viruses; it can help treat tumor cells as well. Additionally, this remedy stimulates bone development and encourages recovery of injuries, even in sufferers with severe burns. It is also great for urinary tract infections.

It really is efficient against Clostridium which is a bacterium that generates a large quantity of DNA comparable to ours and adds to tumor development. Clostridium resides mostly in endodontic.

How Do I Use it Properly?

  • General health benefits: since this substance kills most bacteria and viruses in your body, when consumed daily, it will avoid most illnesses.
  • Pain caused by infections: to relieve the pain caused by an infection, you may have a dosage of 1-4 tablespoons and as much as ½ cup in circumstances of severe discomfort. Have a spoonful every ten minutes. Do it again till the discomfort goes away.
  • For acne: consume it daily and keep your face clean of natural body oils.
  • For cavities: it can be used as an antiseptic during and after dental work. To prevent cavities, you may put 6 drops on the toothbrush after foods and make use of a teaspoon for a mouthwash, then gargle and ingest.

Additional Recommendations

  • Never surpass 1/2 a cup (120 ml) per day.
  • For regular use, have a half teaspoon of colloidal silver 2-3 times each day.
  • For kids from three to twelve years old use 2-3 teaspoons each day. Two teaspoons each day contain less than the total recommended amount by the World Health Organization.
  • To enhance its assimilation, maintain the solution inside your mouth for a couple of minutes before ingesting. For maximum benefits, it is advisable to consume this natural remedy with an empty stomach.

Create your own Colloidal Silver

Although it is recommended to consume colloidal silver on a daily basis, it can get expensive. For this reason, it is recommended to buy a colloidal silver generator. If you think about it, by avoiding most health issues you will save a lot of money, so the price of these health systems is ridiculous when compared with the benefits.

The one we recommend due to its great price/performance is the LifeForce Compact X-2 Colloidal Silver Generator. You will feel great and will rarely get sick once you get used to consume colloidal silver on a daily basis.

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