Herbal Antibiotics – The 10 Most Effective Options

Do you want to discover the top 10 herbal antibiotics for several health conditions you may be suffering? These are an outstanding option to avoid and manage all kinds of infections and respiratory issues.

Generally, antibiotics are elements that lead to the well-being of the individuals. Nevertheless, you will find artificial antibiotics that might cause microbial resistance if over used. These synthetic antibiotics make the infection harder to battle and may lead to substantial negative effects (such as the damage of helpful microbial flora). Therefore, the usage of natural antibiotics is an outstanding option to avoid and deal with some types of infections.

Herbal antibiotics ought to be ingested underneath the guidance of a doctor, druggist or herbalist. They may recommend the proper dosage, exactly how it ought to be consumed and the most suitable treatment to avoid contraindications with other medicines.

Most Effective Herbal Antibiotics


This type of herbal antibiotic is extremely efficient in case of flu or cold. It is full of polysaccharides, glycoproteins and chicory acid which raise the body’s natural defenses. Consequently, this plant is very appropriate for stopping mild to moderate illness of the respiratory system, whether of virus or microbial origin.

herbal antiobitics are a great alternative to traditional drugs

Echinacea can make the physical reaction of the body more efficient against the infection.

Additionally, the healing attributes of the plant are backed by a large quantity of scientific research. This healing herb may decrease as much as fifty eight percent the possibilities of having a cold and it will also reduce its duration.


Garlic is one of the best herbal antibiotics which can be found in your kitchen. It offers more than twenty antiviral and forty antibacterial elements. This can make it perfect for inner treatment of the respiratory and excretory systems. Utilized on the surface, garlic is excellent to disinfect and avoid open wounds infection.


Onion is another of the herbal antibiotics that can easily be found in your home. High in sulfur substances, acids and flavonoids it is great to fight infections of the respiratory tract, influenza, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and so on. If used externally, it is a great disinfectant.

Pinus radiata

Pharmaceutical formulations based on pine buds are appropriate as health supplements for severe bronchial and catarrhal issues, simply because they have antiseptic attributes and help clean the bronchi.


The acids included in this healing plant have outstanding antiviral attributes making it one of the effective herbal antibiotics easily available now. Thyme will not eliminate bacteria but it stops them from multiplying. If used externally, it is an excellent disinfectant which helps to recover from injuries.


This organic product created by bees has antiseptic and antibacterial attributes recognized to be efficient with the common cold and flu. Propolis is efficient against Staphylococcus aureus that is accountable for numerous respiratory infections. Furthermore, its full of important oils and minerals which make it efficient against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungus. In reality, the bees utilize it to fill any hole of the beehive to prevent any kind of infection.


Rosemary has over forty antibacterial and over twenty antivirals attributes. The infusion of rosemary may help battle bacteria that impact the respiratory or intestinal system.


These types of herbal antibiotics are especially good against urinary tract infections. A juice is removed from the fruits of the plant that is rich in proanthocyanidins. These ingredients avoid the adherence of Escherichia coli to the urinary tract. Unable to hold, the bacterium is removed in the urine and therefore the infection stops.

Cranberry is perfect as a precautionary measure for chronic cystitis since it does not have any negative effects on the body. This juice may also be applied in combination with other types of antibiotic treatment for severe cystitis.


The medicinal attributes of the bearberry are a result of the antiseptic action of hydroquinone and tannins in present in this plant. Bearberry offers antiseptic safety against a big number of bacteria. The diuretic and antiseptic action can make it especially efficient in dealing with the severe and persistent cystitis or as a complement to other antibiotic treatment.


This healing plant possesses antiviral and antibacterial attributes which are able to suppress the development of viruses and bacteria.

These are ten of the most efficient herbal antibiotics available today. Keep in mind that it is suggested to go to an herbalist to get the proper guidance concerning the dosages and general usage to deal with your sickness.

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